Hey guys! I am so thankful to see you here. I realize that a lot of you may know me from my handmade jewelry. If so, I want to thank you for showing me your support over the last few years, especially now that I’m embarking on a new adventure. If you are new, I want to say, HELLO. You may have read a bit about me in the about page (if not please do) and you know that I’m here to basically blog about things in life that I’m passionate about. Now, that’s a broad spectrum, I am a highly passionate person about a range of things. I’ll keep this blog dedicated to my passion for adorning and decorating- of every kind, quick and easy style tips, fun ways to host parties, decorating, thrifting, exploring, and DIY.  I am constantly changing up things in my home and in my personal style. Also, I believe that these things can usually be done on a budget, and I will always strive to do that. I have a love of putting things together in a home, and creating beautiful and comfortable spaces to do this thing called life. So, I hope you will follow my journey and enjoy!
Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions that you may have. I love hearing your thoughts.

Let’s get started on some fun!



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