Home Tour: Labor of Love

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Today I want to do a before and after of our home! We fell in love with this 1962 Frank Lloyd Wright style house and immediately could see the potential that lay within its walls. Unfortunately, the yard, the roof, and the decks were all in desperate need of attention. We have spent a lot of time getting a new roof and decks built, but today I want to focus on the interior. The pictures that I am going to post on here are after we first painted all of the walls before even moving in. I will spare you the dark dreary colors that once dressed these walls LOL.ย 

First up, is the fireplace. You can see how much wonderful space we had to work with on this wall. We were ecstatic about the possibilities! I knew right off the bat that the brick needed to be painted, and the brass cover just had to go. Now, I have a deep love for brass home fixtures, but I just couldn’t think of a way to make this fashionable. The walls in the living room were a dark yellowish/beige color that didn’t do anything to liven up the space. We decided to have them painted with Benjamin Moore’s Palest Pistachio, which is a white color with a cool pale blue base. Put it over those old dark gold tones and it made the brightest coolest white! I love how the pine ceiling and honey hardwoods pop against it!ย 

After we took off the awful brass gate, I opted to leave the fireplace open to create a more modern bohemian look. We also painted the brick Palest Pistachio, and added these dark wooden shelves to match the dark cedar beam mantle. I am an avid reader, and lover of trinkets, so filling these shelves came easily. Actually, I probably styled and restyled them a thousand times, and I may still do it again. I think it’s okay to have evolving style ๐Ÿ˜‰

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my favorite part of the house! We scored this amazing rug from Southeastern Salvage for only $99!! Unbelievable price for a 10 ft rug, I know, and to think that we almost walked right by it, but I saw a corner peeking out from the mounds of rugs. Also, the table, you ask? Well, this is the DIY of which I am the most proud. I will be doing a blog post on how to create a live edge piece of furniture without spending $1000. That to me is a win! Now throw in some Walmart couch pillows and the budget bohemian living room of your dreams can be yours!

This is the dining area, it’s all one big open floor plan and this is directly across from the fireplace, so we carried the Palest Pistachio into this area to connect the two spaces. ย The dining table is from Ikea. At the time that we purchased it I loved the look, but I have to be honest and say that I am eagerly awaiting the day that I can update it. The paintings that you see here are near and dear to my husband’s heart. They were painted by his uncle, and I knew that it would be the perfect place to display them, and add a pop of unique color to the wall! One of my decorating rules is- Never be afraid to use something old that you love; you never know how it can transform a space until you try. If I’m being perfectly honest, at first I dreaded having to use them in our home decor because I am not a huge fan of abstract art, but in order to get you have to give a little (know what I mean?). Which brings me to my second rule- There is always a way to incorporate you and your partners styles and still have a cohesive look! I am lucky that most of everything that I like, he likes and vice versa. Like his vinyl record collection, it makes the perfect balance in between our living room and dining area, that pulls it all together, and says “hang out for a minute, grab a drink or a bite and listen to some tunes” The two pictures are from a wonderful New Orleans artist that we met. We have a fond love for this city because it’s where we spent our honeymoon.

Next up, our kitchen

I absolutely love this picture of my sweet hubby about 5 years ago cooking a hot dog on this old grill/stove top. Unfortunately, we have not yet done the kitchen remodel of our dreams, but that just gives us more projects to look forward to! We love doing projects to our house. The main changes that we both want are- new countertops (not black granite) and to knock out the wall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the open floor plan and build an island instead. ย Oh! We are also decided on DIY Open shelving, so that should be coming soon. What we did in this kitchen recently is, you guessed it, paint the walls Palest Pistachio…. now you may be thinking, man this girl is so annoying with that color, but I just can’t help myself….. I love clean, white spaces, with pops of color!!

Which brings me to this Mexican folk art decor. I mean, isn’t it fun and lively against that white!? I just loved hanging all of these fun artifacts from my childhood, and heritage and giving them new life. That cute little sun above the windows was purchased on a family trip that we took to Cozumel, and is what started this decor theme. I want to one day own an entire collection of Mexican pottery dishes.

Next is the bedroom. I do not have a before picture because our painter came so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture. The walls were a deep crimson color….. not for me. In this room we used Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan. It’s a cool steely blue/grey, and makes for a serene peaceful place.

The hanging above the wall was made by yours truly, and the bedside lights were purchased for $12 at Target (they’re actually kitchen lighting) and then my hubby made these wall fixtures to hang them over our retro end tables! A faux sheepskin rug, a handmade in Portugal white duvet set, and a plant later, and viola!!! I also keep a large Rose Quartz specimen on the nightstand cause what better place for the stone of love, am I right? The bedroom has really been one of my favorite transformations because it’s the most complete. I only have a few things left to do in here, and then I can do a post with all of the deets.

Thanks for touring my home with me today, I hope that you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think! Happy Friday.


4 thoughts on “Home Tour: Labor of Love

  1. Wow!! You know I fell in the deepest love possible with your house from the first moment I saw it! It is such a fabulous home and I’m a huge sucker for FLW! You have done such an excellent job with the decor! (And I would have never guessed that it was done on a budget I might can actually afford! It all looks soooo high end!) I love love love that you incorporate old and new, and that so many of the beautiful pieces in your home have sentimental value to you and your hubby. THAT is what truly makes a house your home. Great job Prissy! I can’t wait to see what you guys do to the rest of the house (especially my favorite room. ..the pink bathroom. Please keep it pink.)

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Stacey! It means the world to me that you think those things. Yes- you absolutely can do it on a budget! That’s the best part. It’s so funny that you mentioned the pink bathroom cuz it was on my mind today. I will definitely post it, and keep it pink! Thank you again, lots of love!


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