Making Your Halloween Dollar Holler

Ok, so I know that there are a million versions of how to make DIY Halloween decorations from the dollar store… this isn’t another one of those posts… so stay with me. It is however, my version of Halloween decorating, with things that I already own, bought at the thrift store, and even a few from the dollar store, resulting in a budget friendly yet glamorous look. This year my theme took on a black and gold color scheme without even really meaning to, and the end result makes me really happy!

I have to say that I drew inspiration from this old Edgar Allen Poe book with gold embossing and gold pages. I love his classic ghost stories, and this collector’s book was a long ago purchase that usually sits on my bookshelf, and it’s the most expensive decoration in this whole post. This mini skull was purchased at the Dollar store at the last minute before writing this post, and I thought it was a good way to display this creepy fabulous book on our coffee table.

In keeping with the black and gold theme, I discovered that I already owned some dollar store decor in the color scheme, so I rushed to my storage area and pulled out these dollar store holographic frames of Victorian people that turn into skeletons and zombies… SUPER CREEPY!!!! Next up, I pulled out an old gold mirror that we use around our house, some vintage books, and some dollar store accessories to create a spooky mantle.

It’s hard to get a good shot of it up close, but at least I got an upclose shot of Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring… Yeah!!!!

The witches reflection decal, the bloody drape, skull and skeleton bird are also from the Dollar Tree. The white mini Victorian bust was a thrift store find and I painted her eyes red for a creepy effect. The bleeding candles were created by lighting a red candle and allowing the red wax to drip onto the white. Not rocket science, but it’s the little things that I think pull the look together.

For a minimalist look this year, I kept with the mantle decor and a tablescape only. In the past I have gone over the top and decorated every nook and cranny, but I realize now that I prefer a clutter free life, and I can get the same satisfaction with a minimal but cohesive look.
Our table is already a black/brown color so all I needed to add were some black dishes, some candles and some sparkle! First, I purchased a plaster skull from Michaels and spray painted it gold.  Then, I added black dishes to my everyday gold flatware that I purchased at Walmart. We normally use white dishes for every day, but you can find black box sets of dishes for cheap and I thought it would be fun to incorporate these into our October dinners!!

These mini skeletons were sold 4 for $1 at the Dollar Tree. I added some white candles into old brass candle holders and hung them on! They even came with little twine hooks so I didn’t have to do anything extra. The spider leg votive holders were a purchase from Big Lots about 15 years ago and are some of my favorite go to Halloween decorations. Lastly, I bought a pack of twin size white bedsheets on clearance at Home Goods for $12, and used these to drape over the chairs at either end of the table to create a spooky haunted house effect!

I am thrilled with how this look came together! I know that I can live with the look all month without feeling cluttered and messy, and my wallet isn’t screaming at me wondering what happened. Just remember to purchase the skull with a 40% off coupon at Michael’s, your spray paint from Walmart and your accessories from the Dollar store. Dig around for old decorative objects that you already have, or shop at the thrift store. Cobwebs are also a great way to add spook factor on a budget, and I haven’t ruled out covering my entire house in those for the main event.
I have to say that there are so many ways to incorporate your belongings with a few spooky items and create a great Halloween vignette. If you have any questions for me, I’d love to answer them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


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