Homemade Halloween Costumes

Hey guys, I wanted to do a quick round up of some older homemade costumes that I’ve done in the past, in hopes that I can draw some inspiration for this year. I thought you might be interested in a few quick and easy ideas, especially of the inexpensive variety. Let me know what you think!

1. The Scarecrow

The first and easiest idea, also one of my favorites, is the classic scarecrow. You can do a scary version of a scarecrow as well, if that’s more your thing. This was a last minute, super easy costume that consisted of old jeans (you could do overalls too) a cute plaid shirt- this one was just an old Forever 21 shirt that I found at a thrift store, but these days plaid button ups are so popular, I bet everyone has one in their closet. The straw hat I found at a vintage store, but most party stores would have one too. The makeup was the best part! I just grabbed an orange/coral lipstick, some liquid eyeliner and some white clown paint and painted it on! I did some squiggly eyes for a bit of a scary effect. So really all you need are 4 things:

1. Plaid shirt

2. Jeans or overalls

3. Straw hat

4. Makeup

Optional would be to add a cute little black crow to your shoulder. Scarecrows are timeless and easy to wear to work.

2. Carmen Miranda

This next look took a little more time to prep, but I can honestly say that I had the most unique costume on the block, and received tons of compliments!! Plus, it was so much fun to get in character. I started with an off the shoulder Mexican style shirt that my mother gave me. These are also pretty popular these days… I specifically remember seeing three different colors of this style at Walmart a few weeks ago. Then I had to keep it cheap so I opted to tie a tropical sarong (out of my closet) around my waist instead of a full skirt. BONUS POINTS FOR FULL SKIRTED LOOKS! Of course, I wore a pair of soft cotton shorts underneath, just in case 😉 The jewelry is pretty simple- just hit up the thrift store and get some big earrings and lots of brightly colored bangles and necklaces. I made the necklace several years ago, and I also made the fruit hat. I wasn’t blogging at the time and didn’t take step by step pictures, so I will try to explain the process.

First you take an old ball cap, some brightly colored fabric, fabric glue, hot glue and lots of fake fruit and flowers from the Dollar store.

Next, you fold the bill up and back to create a little bowl to hold the fruit. You hold it in place while wrapping the fabric around, folding underneath the hat and securing with the fabric glue. Last step is to tie a cute knot in the front, also secure with fabric glue, and allow it to dry.

The last step is the most fun, but it was harder than I expected. Start by arranging the fruit until you get a look that you like. I like the grapes draped at an angle across the front. Then start gluing into place with the hot glue gun allowing time for each piece to fully dry and adhere. Lastly, hot glue flowers in some of the gaps in between the fruit. Then…. voila….. You’re Carmen Miranda!!
Now we are onto a couple of group outfits. I want to preface the first outfit by saying, it literally cost under $5 and it was right after we first got married, we were on a tight budget, and we almost didn’t dress up. I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween, and I hated to go without celebrating. I was up in the attic of our home and discovered some old camouflage coveralls that belonged to an old friend of my husband’s. Now, Adam doesn’t hunt, he literally couldn’t hurt a fly, but there it was and I just knew we could use it in our frenzy to come up with a last minute idea. So….

 4. The Deer and The Hunter

This idea came to me!!!! I hurried to the Dollar store to get something to make a deer outfit with, and there were antlers… 2 for $1!!! Of course, all of the Christmas stuff was being put out and one was red and green, but the other in the pack was the perfect color. I bought that and some white felt. I grabbed a brown shirt and brown leggings that I already had, cut a circle for a belly and a tail from the felt, then used safety pins since I wanted to use the clothes again. If you had some old stuff, you could just use fabric glue for a lasting effect. Brown eyeliner created my nose, and a brown marker gave me spots on my tail 🙂 The rifle was also from the Dollar store. $3 later and we really were the life of the party! I’ll always have fond memories of that outfit. It’s great what can be born from creativity on a strict budget. It’s also nice to see how far we’ve come from that place. I’m still a firm believer in spending as little as possible on a costume. 

They’re creepy and they’re cooky… they’re all together spooky… The LeBerte family 

5. The Addams Family

This last look is my absolute FAVORITE for a small family like ours! My daughter found a used Wednesday costume at a vintage store here in town for $5 and it was just the right size! I knew what we would do that year and quickly shopped around on the racks and discovered this vintage black gown. Now it was a bit pricey, I think around $25 but it was just perfect for Morticia, and I wouldn’t need much else besides red lipstick (since my hair is already black) so I splurged! Plus it can be reused for a witch costume down the road. For the hubs I purchased black hair spray paint from Walmart, and white clown paint for all 3 of us. The robe belonged to my grandpa and it matched Gomez’s look to a T! We used an old scarf and a cigar as accessories. I loved doing a family costume, and highly encourage that you try it if you haven’t already.

I will leave you with a look from the vault straight out of my 20’s. I was always pretty proud of this last look. Think…. old cheerleader bloomers, red tube top, yellow fabric, white felt, and fabulous boots from the thrift store. Add some scissors and markers and a little imagination (plus help from my mom) and you have….

6. Wonder Woman

 Aaaah…. to be 22 again…. I had a blast, but what I have today I wouldn’t trade for the world. Back then we would go out on the town looking for spooks, now I just dress up as a witch and pass out candy and watch scary movies, but I love it. Halloween is such a fun holiday. I hope that you were able to get a little inspiration to keep your costume cheap and look for things that you have or that you can make to get a killer look! I hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!! 


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