Getting a Green Thumb

As I have gotten older, I have realized my affinity for plants and my talent in keeping them alive. I still have some major struggles with succulents, even though everyone swears that they are impossible to kill… HA! There has not been one to survive in my house. I currently am working to keep an aloe plant alive that my mother rooted for me. It’s gorgeous! It has been doing so well in a pot outside, but with the cold temps happening now, I have decided to bring it inside. Wish me luck! 

Here it is next to a small cactus that I purchased from Walmart that has doubled in size! The other plant, I do not know the name of, is also from Walmart. I have no qualms about spending $5 and under for a plant. I usually try to buy plants on sale, but lately I have noticed another pattern in the way that I acquire my plant babies. I’ll start by telling you about Harry…. sometimes my plants get named, I want to name all of them, but I have to wait until the name pops out at me. 

This is Harry! I adopted him from a coworker back in 2004 when I used to work at the bank. That means it has been alive for 13 years!! WOAH!! It lasted through my twenties decade of barely watering and never repotting, so I imagine he’s a keeper. Now that I care for him better he is starting to flourish. I love how he looks hanging down by my wine rack. He’s a pothos plant, and most definitely the hardest to kill of all. Haha! This is a great starter plant for anyone with a new green thumb.

This guy is a snake plant. I have several of these all over the house. Not only because I love how they look, but also because they can live in darker rooms and with minimal watering. As a side note, I’d like to say that I water my plants once a week, every Sunday. Except for the snake plants and the cacti, I do those every couple of weeks. To give this guy a little extra height, I took a tomato cage, turned it upside down, clipped the ends off and spray painted it gold! $5 plant stand!! 

Which brings me to Henrietta! She is a special lady, let me tell you why. We found her on the side of the road by a trash can- so sad. She was about 3 feet tall, skinny, barely any leaves, with a cracked pot full of cigarette butts. I just couldn’t bare to see her die like that. So the hubs pulled over and I held her in my lap while she stuck out the window all the way home LOL! I re-potted her, with some fresh soil and she is booming! She’s over 6 feet tall and full of lush green leaves. I haven’t fully figured out her exact type, but she seems to do better in lower lit areas. 

Another plant without a name! You guys should comment on name suggestions for this one and the snake plant. This one I purchased, not a super cool story, but it’s interesting because I killed this plant. That’s right, brown and crunchy. I realized that it’s a palm of sorts therefore a more tropical  plant. So, I clipped off all of the brown palms, gave it some fresh soil and moved it by the window, instead of by the cold air vent. I have also started misting it periodically. The end result is that it’s flourishing and I’m afraid (and also excited) that it will get as large as Henrietta!!

I received a new plant last week from a friend. It’s these clippings of a Christmas Cactus! I’m so excited to see it bloom. It’s soooo cold outside right now in Birmingham, so I had to quickly pot it and bring it inside. I found this pot for $4 at Home Depot and I worried that it wasn’t the look I was going for, but selections were limited. 

I added a little more dirt after this pic and was very pleased with the final look! I feel that it looks so much better than a $4 plastic pot once I brought it inside. I still need to do some research on this plant and find the right spot for it. That’s the part that I love the most, and I cannot wait to see the blooms! I was told they were a salmon pink color!!

My last friend that I want to show you is this Monstera plant. 

I never expected to find such an exotic baby for $12 at Home Depot!! I absolutely fell in love with these pretty split leaves. I bought some organic compost dirt and a pot and went to town. Little did I know that I had created a breeding ground for all of these tiny little creatures to infest my plant and home…..AAAAAHHHH…. there were hundreds of little gnats all over this plant and starting to invade other plants and get into your face and your wine glass. UGH. In a fit of rage, I put it outside on the deck, and scorched it with sevendust. I didn’t want to kill it, but I contented that it was a tropical plant and Birmingham, has hot, humid, almost like the tropics weather, and that it would be fine. I was wrong. The sun scorched this plant into a yellow/brown shell of a plant. I was so sad that I had part in its destroying, so I decided to fix it (despite words from my sweet hubby that said “it’s dead honey, leave it alone” he thought I would only succeed in it’s demise and that it would upset me) but I was determined. I went outside and took it out of it’s pot, bought a brand new terra-cotta pot (that was a lot bigger) I shook off all of the old dirt and gently cleaned it from it’s roots. Then I read up on using vinegar as an organice pesticide so I tried that. I bought new soil (not organic) and I repotted it. Then I cut it mostly all down except for a few fronds that were green. It looked sad. It didn’t take long though for new green to start forming, and sprouting and making me happy again. This little guy definitely needs a name! I never thought that I would have such a green thumb, and enjoy caring for these plants so much. I hope that my experiences will inspire you to create a green environment around you, If this is something that you are interested in. Not only for the pleasing aesthetic they bring, but also for the health benefits. Plants clear the air around us that we breathe, and bring life to a home. Don’t be afraid to try a new, exotic plant, or start with an easy pothos or snake plant and see what happens!

Thank you for reading! Welcome to the jungle!

If you have any name suggestions for the snake, monstera or cactus, please let me know in the comments 🙂


4 thoughts on “Getting a Green Thumb

  1. Omg!!! First of all, you’ve inspired me to go buy some plants to fill my condo with…inside and out! Secondly, I LOVE Henrietta’s story… so sweet ❤️ And lastly, I’m thinking the palm (tropical) plant needs a Cuban name. Why Cuban you may wonder? Because palm trees make me think of Miami and EVERYTHING in Miami is Cuban. Ok, maybe not EVERYTHING…but a lot of things! Can we give it a food name? I’m thinking Picadillo… or… Cafe Cubano?? 😂😂 Omg, what about Copacabana? Clearly, I’m delirious. I’m going to sleep! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my god!! I love you love you love you SOOOO much!!!!! I think you are absolutely right!! And in honor of you- I will pick Copacabana!!! 🤣🤣😘😘 thank you for making my night!!!!


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