How to Turn an Old Closet into a Craft Room!

Today’s post is all about a way to make a craft room out of an unused closet. If you’re like me, and you don’t have a 5 bedroom house or an extra basement, or maybe you do have a lot of rooms, but they’re all in use and you can’t justify just having one for a craft room- then follow along.

This idea is super easy, and while it would be great to have all matching shiny pink or purple boxes etc., I opted for the budget friendly- use what you have option.

When we moved into our house, we were intrigued by the amount of close space  that it came with. Two in the bedroom, 2 in the living room, and 3 in the hallway! Our house was built before the trend of “walk in closets” so these are wide closets with a set of shutter doors that open apart to either side.  We each used one for our clothes and shoes in the bedroom, and filled the ones in the living room with coats, and one for DVDS, extra books and board games, since that is the main living space where these items would get the most use. That left us with one big closet, each, in the hallway to make our own.

I immediately knew that I wanted a craft space! We had an old vintage desk that no one really used, so instead of putting it into the spare bedroom, we tried it in the closet and it was a perfect fit.  I was delighted!! This was going to be the perfect place to get creative and just close the doors when I was too tired to pick up an unfinished mess LOL! 

I used some plastic drawer bins to store all of my small things , along with bins for yarn and material etc. I would have loved to color coordinate everything and use some fancy wire baskets, but I wanted to get this space ready to use ASAP, so I made good use of bins, bags, boxes and plastic drawers that I already had.  I also made a wrapping paper station using a bag (to hold gift bags) a wire basket ($3 at Walmart) and a cardboard box for the paper rolls. The shelves are perfect for holding seasonal decor ,that I like to change around, my seldom used sewing machine, daughter’s childhood art, paint cans etc. I also have some boxes filled with mementos in this closet, and things that I like, but that wouldn’t match my grown up home decor- like these fairy frames! Can you believe that I found them thrown out on the side of the road?

This cute colorful box is from Ikea, along with the lamp that my husband suggested for extra light. The vintage chair was a gift from my brother and sister in law- they know my love of vintage!

And there you have it! An easy and inexpensive way to turn a closet into a craft room! I hope that you enjoyed it, and that it will inspire you to get organized and get to crafting. Happy Friday!


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