Decorate Like a BOSS… on a Budget

It’s no secret here, in the world of Adorn by Priscilla, that we love an inexpensive find for the home. In fact, I love to be thrifty whenever I can, it gives me such a rush! For instance, the pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans that I just scored for $30- RIGHT ON!!!

Whenever I’m out shopping, I have a pretty good idea of items that I’m looking for, this makes it easier to find what I need. I consider the room that I am working on and the overall feel that I want for that room, and then I begin my prowl.

Some of my favorite places to shop are (in no particular order) Home Goods, Target, Estate sales, vintage shops, and unique local boutiques. It is often times harder to find good deals at the latter, but it feels good to know that you’re supporting a local person’s dreams and wishes. I especially like to do that around the holidays.

I know that thrifting can be very overwhelming!! I always feel like I have to rush and beat people to some unknown prize. It really can be frustrating. I have learned that the trick to that is patience, going as often as possible, and keeping a mental dream board of things that you would love to find. It can be a lot of fun, and it’s something that the hubs and I enjoy doing together! Just remember, you are not always going to find something amazing, and that’s okay.

I did find something amazing during my latest estate sale visit, and it just so happens, that it is exactly what I set out to find! Talk about magic. I believe in Magic still- hope you do too πŸ˜‰

I was looking for green goblets to decorate my holiday table. I have white everyday China and gold flatware and I feel like this will be the perfect color combo! Lo and behold…. I stumbled across these beauties…

For the record, I was having to hold people back while I carefully grabbed them all up. SCORE!!! Don’t you just loooooove them????

Another huge find that left me feeling victorious was my living room rug. Take a look at this baby and try to guess how much I paid!

That HOT man is my husband, who was so kind to model the rug for me lol!!

This rug is an 8×10 and was only $68!!!!! Holy moly! Right? Well, all can say is that I really lucked out. We almost left the store empty handed, but then I saw the corner peeking out about midway on a rug pile on the floor. I saw the size and price and started to do a happy dance! I would love to one day have an expensive and glorious vintage rug, but until that day is here… I will thoroughly enjoy the way this looks in our living room.

A few other things that I have in my home that were all under $15 and I feel like make a huge impact on my decor are…

The frames, I swear, are just like ones that I’ve seen in Anthropologie before, but only $7 at Home Goods.

The couch pillows- super cute right? Under $15 from Walmart!

The purple mid century modern vases are another one of those things that I lucked out on. We visited The World’s longest yard sale, at the end of the last day, and the vendor was ready to get rid of things. $4 each!!!! I especially love period pieces from this era because it fits the model of my home so well.

The Geode bookends were $15 each from Target and they are beautiful! Oh, and if books are your thing, I also mostly shop at the Friends’s bookstore inside of our library. These hard covered books are only $2 each, and I love that the proceeds benefit our local libraries.

Last but not least, everyone needs a faux sheepskin rug to place their lovely feet on each morning. This was an IKEA purchase for $12 and it is the best $12 that you could spend for your home. Mine has gone everywhere from draped over the couch and on a single chair to my bedside floor, and it looks equally glamorous in each place.

These pieces I truly believe to be the most versatile in my home. They could mix well with most home decors to either add a pop of color, a graceful antique, a little glamour, or a little holiday fancy! Happy Friday and happy hunting!!!


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