Mid-Century Dining Table of My Dreams

Have you ever wanted to buy a piece of furniture but you just knew, with your deepest knowing power, that it was going to take forever to find a piece that you were going to love and that you could still afford?? Well, that was me. In fact, I had told myself that I wasn’t going to do anything until after the holiday. The holidays are always so busy, and we do a lot of extra spending, as most people do, that I thought to myself this is definitely the wrong time to even THINK about new furniture. 

I was talking to the hubby, and I told him that instead of gifting each other the usual things: purses, jewelry, coats, records, watches, etc.,  that I wanted to do small gifts instead, and save the money for things that we really want and need like new furniture and a vacation!! He completely agreed, and so we began the journey of our minimalist Christmas.

One thing that we have always enjoyed doing for each other is stockings. You know, favorite candy, silly toys, socks, favorite movies, little fancy things. It’s just so much fun to fill these up and occasionally watch them fall off of the mantle. Does anyone else have that problem? I tried a more effective way of hanging them this year, and they won’t be as full, so hopefully that won’t happen anymore LOL !!

Well, let me continue on to the subject of our accidental purchase. Now, how does one make an accidental purchase you ask? Well, if you have to ask- you may never know, and I feel sorry for you (insert Harry Potter voice & quotes). I am certainly teasing you, but please tell me that doesn’t only happen to me.

Adam and I love to shop at antique stores. It’s a favorite pastime from our dating days, and even if we don’t buy anything, we like to make a wish list and dream about the wonderful things that we will buy for our house. In case you didn’t know yet, we love mid-century modern! Well, this stuff isn’t easy to find at affordable prices here in Birmingham. Well, it just so happened that one of our favorite antique stores, from our old neighborhood,  was having a holiday party. Wine, cheese, and deals! I figured at least it would be a fun date and free wine.

So we decided to meet there after work. Soon enough the wine was flowing, the holiday music was playing and we were having a great time!

Lo and behold, we come across a booth with a gorgeous, sleek, mid-century modern table with a SALE TAG! Raise your hand if you’re a sucker for a sale tag!!!

We both instantly fell in love. This can’t be good because surely when I find the price tag it’s going to be over $800 or something ridiculous. That didn’t happen this time, it was on sale!!! It had a tag marked $499 with a line through it, then $399 with a line, then $325!! We started to get sucked in. I can see the pattern, I am all too familiar with it. First, I start smiling really big, sometimes a little squeal or hop. Then my husband is actually engaged, not just browsing…. then comes the real signal that he’s interested- he hasn’t just said “Oh yeah, I like it honey”. He hasn’t said anything, he’s looking underneath, looking at the legs, rubbing his hand on the surface. An actual inspection, my heart is beating so fast- He’s actually considering it!

When he steps back and is doing the real world calculations in his head, I notice a sign above our heads that says 15% off of the lowest ticket price… There is no turning back now, he finally smiles, and I know that he loves me, and I’m about to get this gorgeous new dining table! If you read my very first blog post, then you know that I have been wanting a new one so badly. If you haven’t you can read it here Home Tour: labor of love   

I know that in a lot of blogs you can’t see the actual prices to things that are in homes, and everything is beautifully curated and linked, and completely out of reach. My journey here has always been to show you guys that deals for real people exist out there. I don’t mind telling you what I paid because I am proud of it! I want people to get out there, explore, find cool stuff at a good price for your home, and honestly, it still feels like a splurge! It’s just done in a way that makes me not feel so guilty about it.

So, we made the purchase, we were elated! I promised to eat Ramen noodles for the rest of the month of December, but we instantly went out to dinner to celebrate hahaha! Once we arrived home we realized that the table needed chairs, and we needed them fast. We always host our family for a Christmas Eve party, and that would be a little difficult to do without chairs. So we begin an online search for mid- century style chairs. Now we are looking at over $100 a chair YIKES! So, we start to come up with creative things that we can do. Maybe we can move our two solo chairs in the living room to the heads of the table, and then just purchase four chairs. On and on we go, but we couldn’t seem to find anything.

Then comes Saturday morning, a day and a night after purchasing the table. It’s time to go back to the store with a borrowed truck and a brother to pick it up. I decided to get out with my mom and hit up another antique store to see if we can find some inexpensive mid-century modern chairs, six to be precise and under $250, a tall order. When nothing pops up, we head over to meet the boys at the original place to give it another glance. Maybe we missed some chairs in our excitement over the table. Then, I see them in the corner….six mid century modern wooden chairs with silver legs…BINGO!  They look like they were made for our table. I really don’t know how we got so lucky, but they were also on sale, 20% off of the sale price. We were able to purchase all of the chairs for $198!!!! If you have ever shopped for mid-century modern furniture, you know that’s a steal.

I did not snap a picture at the store, but here it is once we arrived at home.

We purchased them without thinking twice, and were off to a celebratory lunch outing. We eat a lot, maybe this should be a food blog.

I am so happy that things played out the way that they did. Usually when I’m scouring the internet, I feel like a beautifully curated home  is a goal that I will never reach. Then things like this happen, and I am reminded of how much fun, and how easy renovating this home of ours can be. It is an achievable goal! All it takes is a little creativity, a little hard work, a little fun, and a little time.  I finally feel like we have a grown up table. Although I loved our Ikea table, and it treated us very well, this table just fits our home, and our space so perfectly. This table was made for us. Merry Christmas to me!

And this, my friends, is a secret drawer!!! There is one on each end of the table. I am sure that it is used for fancy linens, placemats and silverware, but we may end up getting creative.

If you had this table, what would you put in these drawers, and what would you use as a centerpiece? I have an idea for a centerpiece, but as always, I am keeping my eyes open.

Thanks for reading along about our dining table adventure today.

Happy Tuesday!


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5 thoughts on “Mid-Century Dining Table of My Dreams

  1. Omg!!! This story is AWESOME!!! I’m so happy for y’all 🙌🏼😁 I’ve gotta learn how to shop like you!!! The table and chairs look amazing together… your Christmas dinner is going to be perfect!!

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