I’m Dreaming of a Blog Christmas

It’s finally here, and it felt like a whirlwind of a month! With less than a week away from Christmas, I have been frantically trying to finish my holiday shopping, wrap up gifts, and put up all of the last minutes decorations. I always love this time of year. I love the holiday songs, the twinkle lights, picking out gifts, planning parties, and spending extra time with loved ones. In the midst of the holiday rush, I try to remember to slow down and make memories.

One of my favorite memories and holiday traditions is making homemade tamales. We always get the family together for a night of talking, singing, children playing, and “helping” my mom make her delicious tamales. Now, this is a very special occasion because we only get to eat these once a year. My parents are originally from Mexico, they moved here when they were younger, and this is one of the traditions that we have in our family from their old lives. 16236f36-c2c2-4adb-94fb-7d9782c318f5

I love this picture that my hubby took of us in action here. It is tedious work, but it really is a lot of fun. I wanted to post a video of us singing along to Mariah Carey’s Christmas song, but I don’t know how the rest of these ladies would feel about that lol….we could have possibly scored a record deal HAHAHAHA!!!

When we were kids we would have all of the family over to our house, and my mom would cook dinner. Then we would wait until midnight to open all of our gifts. It was so much fun! Now, we spend Christmas eve at my home, and we don’t wait quite so late to open our gifts because our family has grown so much! Between our family, my uncle’s family and some friends that are like family, we cover up the Christmas tree….literally.

One thing that I enjoy the most at this time of year, is how homey and warm our house is. We pull out the red throw blanket, we put twinkle lights and poinsettia flowers everywhere, we play holiday songs. I love picking out the perfect tree, and smelling that delicious scent for an entire month. I guess there is still this magic of Christmas that doesn’t leave, even as you grow up.

Here are some of our holiday decorations. The old story books are for the children to read when they come over. I envision them snuggling under this red blanket, pulling out the Peanuts story, or the Nutcracker, or The Polar Express, and getting lost in that magic zone for a bit. The little mailbox and snowman are handmade ornaments that Adam’s Nonna made for him while she was alive. They are so detailed and intricate, I absolutely love having them. We also have some very special handmade knit stockings that we received from a family friend as a wedding gift.

For  our dining table, I kept it simple this year. Partially because I ran out of time, and partially because we just bought the table, and I can’t bear to cover it up right now. If you remember my recent blog post, it was my special gift this year. If you didn’t read the story of our new dining table, you can read it here Merry Christmas to Me! 

I placed a jumbo margarita glass in the middle and filled it with cute ornaments. It’s simple yet festive if you ask me!img_5899

I really enjoy holiday decorating. I know that we all decorate in different ways and color schemes. I happen to decorate in a very traditional way, but I enjoy color schemes and decor of all kinds.  img_5657-1

Today it’s a week before Christmas, we have decked the halls, we have hung the stockings. It’s time to savor the last few moments, and get ready for a New Year. This year I won’t have to wish for a white Christmas since we received some beautiful snow just last week. That is something that doesn’t come around often here in the South, but it really is beautiful!

Now, I know that we don’t all celebrate the same holidays. I know that we all come from different places all over the world, with different religions and traditions. I hope that this time of year, and always, we can come together and celebrate humanity, celebrate love and celebrate differences as I believe that these are truly the things that make our world a wonderful place. Tis the season, love is the reason.

Please share your traditions or favorite memories , or where you are from in the comments. I would love to learn more about you.

May your days be merry and bright!




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