New Year, New Plans, New Decor

Happy New Year! As we welcome this new year, I’m sure that many of us do it in the same way, countless lists and resolutions. Well, I say there is nothing wrong with making goals, even if you only keep them for a few weeks, it’s good to be challenged. For the last few years I have started a thirty day yoga challenge, and made a new reading goal. These are usually testing goals for me. I am going to try really hard this year to succeed.

For that reason, I have decided to make a 2018 goal list that consists of things that I might actually be able to finish! I have decided to write a list of things that I would like to do, or change in my home.

Along with trying to be healthier and travel more (which is also always on my goals list), I would like to make some changes in my home.

The year 2017 saw the following list of projects completed in our home.

  1. I made a live edge coffee table DIY Live edge coffee table
  2. I bought a magnificent dining table Merry Christmas to Me!
  3. I started this new blog Welcome!!
  4. I bought a set of all white fine dishes
  5. I filled my home with lots of plants Somehow I became a plant lady and I love it!
  6. I painted my kitchen white
  7. I also re-arranged our spare bedroom to accommodate three people! (New blog post on that soon)
  8. We planted new sod and built a rock and flower bed for our new home! It filled the yard with much needed natural landscaping.

I feel like that was a pretty successful year in terms of home styling. I’m proud of those achievements, along with my personal ones of starting a new, less stressful job, and seeing my daughter start college.

Here are my home goals for 2018, in no particular order…

  • Buy a new sofa
  • Trade in the hubby’s man chair for something a bit more stylish
  • Build open shelving in our kitchen
  • Stain our deck that was built last September and write a post showing how we altered it to make it more modern
  • On that note, write more blog posts
  • Find a new centerpiece for my new dining table
  • Build a new island in our kitchen and open it up into the main living area
  • Make a new mid century style bench for the foot of our bed

These are the few that I can think of. I realize that buying a new sofa and chair will probably lead to needing a new rug, but I guess that’s a sacrifice that I will just have to make haha!

I love redecorating my home. New seasons and new chapters in life always feel better accompanied by changes in our home that feel fresh. Does anyone else feel the same way? How can I be a new me without getting a clean palette in my surroundings? Since I started on my blogging journey, I realize every little thing that needs to be changed. The goal is ultimately, to fill our home with pieces that we love and that are functional. I have come to terms that it will be ever changing, and probably never finished. One day I would love to fill our home with beautiful pieces from our travels. I think that would add a nice touch.

What are some of your home goals for the new year? I would love to hear about them!

Happy New Year!!


XOXO, Priscilla


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Plans, New Decor

  1. Love your home decorating ideas for the year! I’ve got my list, too!! We just bought a new couch…Up next is a new bedroom set! Wish we lived close so you could help me decorate.. I’m terrible at it.

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