The Decorating Dilemma

Hello to you!

I bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to lately. I’m sorry it has been so quiet around here. January turned out to be not so glamorous, in the world of home decor, at the LeBerte household. We had a broken pipe in our septic tank last week that we learned would cost a pretty penny. Not to mention the damage that it caused our yard. It has been quite the ordeal. I’m a little upset because now we have even more work to do in our yard to get it to be presentable. Our yard is one of the projects in our home that we cannot get a handle on. It is so large, and requires so much work, I wonder if it will ever be complete. Do any of you have daunting yard projects that never seem to get anywhere?

Our big yard was not landscaped when we moved in. We had no flower beds around our house, and a huge dirt area right in the middle of the front yard, where grass should have been. We were able to create flower beds out of large stones that we gathered from our yard. We are very happy with the end result of that project, but we still have a lot of yard to clean up. I mean, three large flower beds that need weeds cut, topsoil, and plants, old trees that need to be cut down, just the works. Now we can add, fixing the mud trench that was dug to fix the septic tank to the list, it all seems a bit overwhelming.

In order to keep a cool head, I will list a few positive things in yard news. Last weekend we planted a pretty Carolina Sapphire tree next to our driveway. We are working to trim the overgrown local brush, and shape it into a hedge. We are also trying to add some nice touches with trees and shrubs.

My mom also gave us a Japanese Maple! I’m so excited to try to clear out a spot for that little guy. I guess the yard will start to look better soon, at least, we hope that it will.

This past weekend we also did a major spring clean! It’s crazy how much stuff three people can accumulate, in such a short time. We donated clothes, shoes, books, kitchen wares, and lots of nick knacks to the local library and charities. It started to give me the feeling of trying to be more of a minimalist. I read a home decor golden rule once, and I am going to strive to stick to it. It says, be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourself, what does this object mean to me -Nate Berkus

You probably know by now that we like to shop for antiques. I have this idea in my mind of clean, minimal lines with flair added by beautiful antiques and pieces added from our travels. Things that have a lot of meaning. We inherited a bunch of antiques from Adam’s late grandmother, and I can’t wait to give them a spotlight. As always, we will continue to fill our home with books… you can never have enough, in my opinion.

The craziest part about this weekend is that I went on a whim and sold my beloved coffee table and our bed spread. Just like that. Gone! Now we are sleeping under a quilt, glamorous right, and as soon as my friend picks up the coffee table tonight, we will be pretty barren. I am happy to see the coffee table go to fill a friend’s home with some beauty, nothing makes me happier.

I now have a major decorating dilemma, and it may include the entire house! Haha! I’m not too worried, I know that I will be able to get my thoughts together and come up with a plan. I am not new to spontaneity, and it’s time for a fresh look. I’m very excited to see what decor road I head down now. I hope that you guys are excited to follow that with me in the upcoming months.

Love to you guys,

Happy Tuesday!


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