This Little Thing Called LOVE

Love is in the air today, at least in a sense of red and pink colored stuff everywhere, it seems as though it’s more on our minds. I thought I would take this time to introduce you to the love of my life, and tell you a bit about our story.

So, if you’re interested, I’d love for you to read along…

March 2008

I was twenty-five years old and a budding new hairstylist, at a newly opened salon, along with some of my friends from beauty school and my sister. Next door to said hair salon, was a music instrument business called A & A Music. We were nestled in a small strip mall, at the end of the parking lot, and all of the businesses shared mail boxes at the end of the drive. We were not a very busy salon, since we were trying to build our customer base, and we had a lot of time to people watch outside of our front windows. The entire front of our building was made up of those windows where we could see out, but if you were on the outside it was just a mirror. Perfect for spying haha! It just so happens, that there was a really handsome guy next door that always crossed our building to get the mail. This gentleman would also, on occasion, deliver our mail to us (because he’s just so sweet like that) ๐Ÿ˜‰ It wasn’t long before every girl in the place was googly eyed over him, and we would call each other over to watch him walk to the mailbox every morning.

Creepy or totally harmless fun??

Anyway, I decided that he was just too darn good-looking to pass up. We saw him pull up in his car one day with bags full of lunch, and I just bravely walked out and asked “What did you get me for lunch?”,ย  to which he responded with perfect blue eyes and a bright smile, “If you had told me that you wanted some, I would have gladly brought you lunch”. I can’t remember what else the conversation held, but I remember that I was hooked.

The girls and I decided to come up with a plan. We figured out that his off day was Tuesday. So, the following Tuesday we sent my younger sister over to inquire about his dating status. What else are younger sisters for,ย  right? LOL! I mean, the things that you come up with in your twenties…hahahaha! Of course his employee dialed him up right after she left, and let him know that the single girls next door were asking about him. I would say that I was embarrassed, but it worked!

After that episode in the parking lot,ย  he started to come in for haircuts, randomly missing me, but eventually figuring out my schedule and coming in at the right time. He bided his time. We talked and flirted, and talked and flirted, and talked and flirted, for what seemed an eternity. Eventually, he asked me out on a date for lunch. We had a delicious lunch at Cajun Steamers, and from then on we started going on regular lunch outings, and he came in for regular haircuts (and would always bring starbucks and give a really good tip). I was so ready for the next stage, but he had the patience of the gods or something.

Ps: patience is not my strong suit.

September 2008

September rolls around, and we finally go out on a proper date. Birmingham hosts a Sidewalk Film Festival every year. It’s a time for new independent films to take the stage, documentaries etc. and it is held in our old, beautiful, early 1900’s cinema district. It was the perfect date! I chose an international vampire film, and we went to his house for a drink. I went home, respectively early (just in case you were wondering). After this things really started rolling.

I discover that he is a musician and artist, a business owner, a quarter Italian, a foodie, and a lover of a good time. He likes old movies, he loves to cook, loves dogs, he listens, he’s intelligent, he’s gentle, patient, kind. I struck the jackpot ladies!

We dated slowly, as he set the pace. There was a lot for a single man to process with my fiery, intense, creative, and loud Mexican personality. I taught him to dance and play soccer, and taught him to be around my child. I get it, I was a big package, but he was strong enough to take it all, and because of that- I love him.


April 2011

He proposed to me in front of the Alabama Theater, which was our first date spot. Since then he has believed in me, had patience with me, supported me, and loved me in a way that I never knew could happen. We have gone camping, to concerts, on trips, we’ve eaten our weight ten times over in good food, we’ve talked into the early hours of the morning about our dreams and wishes, we have enjoy good movies, good wine, and good company, we have fought, and struggled through life, and we have survived. It’s crazy how much you can love someone, how much you can sacrifice to see the other person succeed, but not even know that you are. The way that this kind of love changes you for the better and teaches you about loving yourself. The selflessness that true love can be is a beautiful thing, and let’s not forget fun. True love is fun! It stands the test of time. I hope that everyone in this world has a chance to experience this type of love, along with self-love, in their lifetime.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, I want to say. Thank you to my sweetheart, and I want to ask him again “Will you be mine” forever.

Thanks for listening to my mushy rant.

Let me know if you guys have any fun valentine’s activities planned!




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