Orange You Glad I Found This Antique Chair

Happy Monday fellow adorn-ers!

How was the weekend?

I had a very productive weekend over at the LeBerte household. On Saturday, we watched a nephew’s soccer game, took the hubby to his eye exam, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and then worked in the yard until we dropped.

So, I’m sure that you remember my posts about redecorating my house The Decorating Dilemma. Well, we are currently living sans coffee table and bed spread. Also soon to be replaced, hopefully, will be our rug.

I have decided to go with a more modern coffee table, so we think that an oriental style rug will tie the space together between old and new. Here’s hoping that I can find one that I can afford.

It’s funny because we are usually in such a hurry to find something that fits our space, but I’m definitely being patient this time around, and looking for treasures.

One of the looks that I have always liked is mixing modern, clean, lines with antiques. I know that I’ve touched on that before, but I’m so excited to actually start on that process!

I wanted to challenge myself this weekend to re-organize what I had, and see if I could bring new life into my space, with minimal spending. I remembered my old, yard sale, orange, chair, from my single days, that I had stored in a downstairs roomย  and I thought… VIOLA!

This bright orange beauty was going for $15, at a yard sale,ย  back when I was moving into my first apartment with only a bed and a dresser. My mom and I quickly scooped it up, and it has traveled all of these years with me. One day I decided to sell it, because we lived in a small starter home, and we were just cramped for space. It soon turned into a Facebook frenzy!! People were commenting and outbidding each other, sending me messages that they would pay triple what someone else would pay, and begging to have it. I thought to myself, this is a real jewel, just like I knew it was when I first bought it. I politely declined all offers, and stuffed it in the downstairs room awaiting the day that I could use it again, but sadly, it was forgotten.

This past weekend, I knew it was time. I pulled it out, dusted it, and sat it by a big window with a plant. I think it gives a jolly pop of bright and fun color right when you walk in. I couldn’t be any happier!

Orange you glad?!! I know I sure am.


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