Clean Slate When You Decorate

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This is my home today! After selling the coffee table and the Ikea chair that was once my husband’s chair, and moving on to a new sofa. We are left with a pretty bare space. Not that this is bothering me so much, we definitely like clean, open, spaces.

This is the view of my living space from the entry way of the house. You can see the living room and dining room connected space. If you rotate to the right, you will see a low wall that separates the kitchen from a large, open, space, right as you enter. The wall has a counter area with drawers sort of like a dresser, and behind that is the kitchen area.

Our home was custom-built in the 60’s, by an architect, and I often wonder what he had in mind for this area. To me, it seems to close off the kitchen and leave a lot of unused square footage.

We currently use the counter/dresser as a sort ofย ย catch-all office space. We gather our mail, and fill the drawers with notebooks and pens and such. We also charge our devices on the counter. To me, that seems like a waste of space.

The idea that we have for this unused area is to eventually knock down this wall and create an island that will have storage on one side, and stools on the other. This will open up the flow of the kitchen into this unused space, and provide for a better entertaining experience. We entertain a lot and I just think this would fit our style so much.

I would love to do this now, and I keep envisioning tearing it down and adding a fun unconventional piece as an island until we can afford new counter tops (or forever),ย  but much to my dismay, this makeshift area houses our oven on the other side. I have yet to discover what it costs to move our oven, and if we are going to move it, then we might as well move forward with the kitchen renovation that we would like to do.

Alas, the budget does not allow for this right now, so we just hang a beautiful, antique, gold, mirror and move on with our lives for today.


On the other side of the wall, by the dining area, we have this cool wall as well. I really like this as it is the main focal point when you walk in. We have my husband’s vintage guitar hung, and some family pictures that I rotate from time to time. Just to give you a nicer visual after such an eyesore hahaha!


Do any of you have projects that seem to stack on each other like this? If so, what have you done to satisfy your itch, or limit the budget when doing it.

I’m ready to dive in! Hopefully, we will be able to soon, and I hope that you stick around for the ride. I can promise you that I have fabulous plans for it soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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