Spring Cleaning Easy Tips

It’s that wonderful time of year, at least in my opinion, when the crisp sunshine and blooming flowers makes everyone feel the need to change.

We change our wardrobes, we dust our house, and start on projects.

Now for me, this is an easy process, I’m a natural organizer and constant de-clutter- er, ha, but I know that the process can be daunting for some; so I created a list of easy ways to freshen up your home.

  • Paint a room a new color (or just an accent wall)
  • Buy a new rug or get your current one cleaned
  • Buy new throw pillows, in a trendy color
  • Buy fresh flowers and an antique vase
  • Go to a thrift shop, and buy a cool piece of wall art. Update it by painting the frame in a fun hue, or find a cool mirror. Anything can be shined up, or spray painted with a little imagination.
  • Plant a flower garden or veggie garden. You can even do this in pots, on your deck or porch. It doesn’t have to be a huge landscape project to have an effect.
  • Make a wreath! Like the one in my picture above, just buy different flowers and things that you like, and break out the hot glue gun!
  • Make a gallery wall in your house. You can print a bunch of family pics, kids art, or a collection of your art finds. Again, find frames at the thrift store and paint them to incorporate your own style.
  • Purchase an indoor plant. You will feel instantly chic no matter which one you choose! I wrote an entire blog post on plants that are easy to keep alive here Getting a Green Thumb
  • Paint your front door a fun color! (think pink, orange, yellow, blue or red)
  • Create an outdoor space with tables, chairs and candles. You can visit a thrift store, yard sale, or antique shop to find unique pieces.
  • Buy some pretty wallpaper and create an accent wall, or cover your kitchen or bathroom
  • Paint an old piece of furniture or some cabinets. I have a desk that is SCREAMING for a makeover

These are some fun and easy ways to get your home ready for Spring! I hope that you are able to incorporate a few into yours. I am currently painting an accent wall in my bedroom, and looking for a new bed spread. Let me know of any fun projects that you have lined up for the house, or if you have any questions on a project, I’d love to help.


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