The Color of the Year, In Our Yard Decor

So, Pantone named Ultra-violet the color of the year for 2018. I may be a little behind in decorating with it so far in the year, but even though it is one of my favorite colors, it seems that it’s hard to incorporate into your home.I see some gorgeous homes covered in purple hues, and they look amazing! I don’t think that the hubby would like to live in a purple castle, and I feel as though I would get tired of it myself.

I do believe in splashes of ultra-violet though, I am highly convinced that these will make their way into my house in the shape of throw pillows, pictures, etc.

First and foremost, we needed to repaint our outdoor wooden chairs. I decided that this would be a fun way to incorporate the color into a space in our house. So, we went to Home Depot, bought the paint, and the hubs went to town!

He loves to spray paint!! You can see where they’ve been an array of colors in the past.

I took the opportunity to plant Geraniums and Ferns.

We have been doing a lot of yard work these last few weeks, and I can’t wait for the rain to stop so that we can enjoy afternoons with margaritas in our ULTRA VIOLET lawn chairs. The rock beds are the ones that were built using large rocks that we dug up, or moved from our yard. The side bed, that’s visible here, is still under construction. We have cleared away so much overgrowth, and even discovered- MORE ROCKS! Also some daffodils, and we added a couple of Azalea bushes, a hydrangea, and some Lentin rose.

On the other side of the yard, we also cut back a million shrubs and discovered this cute rock bed that has Ultra- Violet Irisis!! We’ve never been able to enjoy these before. I filled the bed up with new plants, and I can’t wait to see all of the pretty blooms!



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