A Cozy Minimalist Home Makeover

What would the equivalent of ‘New Year, New You’ be if it’s in September and you’re not talking about yourself but your house? I feel like there could be a funny pun in there somewhere but I’m not the best with puns so I won’t even try. What I can say is that there is an exciting yet anxious feeling when it comes to having an entirely new space to decorate. There’s something to be said for having an empty house—a clean slate if you will—to create the space you truly want. To create a cozy minimalist home.

After fourteen months of living in someone else’s space, it’s now time for me to make a home of my own. I’ve never been one for interior design, by which I mean I have absolutely no eye for it. Here is where you ask yourself why you’re bothering to read a blog post by me on a home decor blog of all things.

My plan

What I can’t share with you in terms of design, I can share with you my excitement. My excitement to try this out and to have no limitations (except for what the moths in my wallet tell me) to what I can put in my home. The excitement of taking an empty place and creating a world of my own where I will feel at home, a cozy minimalist home. Where I can come home at the end of a long day, cozy up on my couch (wrapped up in blankets of course), kick my feet up on an uncluttered coffee table that only has the new Queer Eye book on it, and read or write in peace*.

I, of course, will be needing help with this venture and that’s where Adorn By Priscilla comes in.

*To paint the image for you: background noise will most likely be the delightful sound of children laughing/screaming. Ahhhh! Peaceful. Upside-down smiley emoji.

Bobby Berk me!

I am giving Priscilla my ideas, which is really me showing her pictures of what I like on Pinterest and saying, ‘here, go forth and make the magic happen on my teeny tiny budget.’ If there’s anyone who can do it, it’s her—of that, I have no doubt. And she has a challenge ahead of her because I want to try out the whole minimalism deal.

I love the idea of clean rooms that don’t feel cluttered when you walk in and when you have kids that’s a pretty hard feeling to achieve. I mainly want to try this because let’s be real, I’m lazy and perpetually tired (read: I have kids), I don’t want a lot to clean but I also want my house to feel homey and welcoming and warm and have a plethora of books and knitted blankets. And now it just seems like I’ve ventured way off the minimalist path but books. I will be the lady who lived in her books—in my study—which is something that Priscilla is creating for me in my home and quite possibly the room I’m most excited about. That, and my flamingo print bathroom!

The End Goal

A cozy minimalist home but with fun patterns. A piece of cake, right? I’m an easy client, I swear.

I’ve given her permission to share my journey every step of the way because I think it will be a transformation that everyone will be excited to see, and I do hope you tune in and follow along and share in this excitement with us. I’m sure there will be some great before and after pictures, maybe some DIY, a good chronicle of us wallpapering for the first time, landscaping, and probably many more exciting things.

New house dream board list

  1. Study/guest room with daybed
  2. Flamingo themed wallpaper bathroom
  3. White/blue Mexican tile kitchen with some open shelving
  4. Vintage crystal doorknobs
  5. Open/minimalist living room
  6. White/gold/floral bedroom
  7. Plants everywhere!
  8. Fairytale garden (you know the kind that looks like they’re out of a fairytale with wildflowers)
  9. Chicken coop!
  10. A white picket fence and lots of climbing roses on the house (a girl can dream)

I hope to see you all on this journey as Priscilla (aka my own personal Bobby Berk) turns this 1961 home into my dream minimalist, cozy, book-filled cottage.