Hey guys! I’m Priscilla. Welcome to Adorn by Priscilla. I’m so happy that you stopped by.

Decorating homes has become a lifestyle for me. I have always been into thrift store shopping, antique shopping, or just plain old shopping for home stuff.  When I was a teenager, the thrift store supplied me with an awesome t-shirt wardrobe and Halloween costumes. When I rented my first apartment, in my twenties, garage sales and antique shops helped to furnish my home. I did not have a lot of money back then, and it shaped my love for finding a good piece, at an inexpensive price, and sparked my creativity to make things flow. My friends have always said to me, “Please help me decorate my home”, or “you should do this for a living”. So, after a few years of hearing that, I decided to start on my journey.

I have always been a creative person. From being a hairstylist, to a handmade jewelry artist. I love to take on new hobbies that are fun and vibrant. I am also a very active person who loves soccer, tennis, biking, hiking, and yoga. I like to be outdoors in nature, and eventually you will see me doing some gardening or crafting, although I do not claim to be an expert at either of those.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama, with my husband and my daughter. Together we enjoy good food, movies, laughter and outings. My parents are originally from Mexico. I have never lived there, but I have always been drawn to the vibrant colors and the zeal for life that the culture has. I am ever grateful that my parents taught me how to speak Spanish so that I can one day travel the world, and at least know how to ask my way around in most countries.

My husband, Adam, has been around since 2008. He is a kind and patient person, always willing to help when a project gets too heavy, too messy or just to answer a million questions. He is the most wonderful person to partner with in life. He will probably make an appearance around here. My beautiful daughter, Summer, has been my sidekick for many years. She is currently a college student, and embarking on her new adventure. I am so excited to see what the future holds for her.

So, here we go, I hope that you enjoy watching my story unfold as we decorate and renovate our old home, and do a few other fun things along the way.