Are You a Minimalist or a Maximalist

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? I have so much trouble with this question in my life. Is anyone out there the same way? What is this new idea of minimalism that I’m seeing everywhere, and is it really who I am or not?

Being a Minimalist with my wardrobe:

My first attempt at becoming a minimalist started this year, with my wardrobe. I felt the need to de-clutter my home, and de-stress my life from the simple task of just getting dressed everyday. So, I started reading articles about how most people only wear around 5% of what they own. I am the same way. So, I took out everything in my closet, except for a few pieces that I really love, and I built a small wardrobe around that. This isn’t that type of blog, so I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say that because of that, I save a lot of time everyday!

Being a Minimalist at home:

Since that was such a huge success, I decided to try that same principle in my home. This was not as easy. I started researching, and I just simply don’t think that home minimalism is really what defines me.

There are certain aspects that I love, for example, I kept reading a quote that says “Sell all of your stuff, pay your debt, and see the world”. That sounds amazing!! However, realistically, I live in my home, it’s where I eat, sleep, keep my books, my favorite things, my pj’s, reallistically, who is really going to do that? Maybe they mean, if you don’t have a lot of debt, you can travel more often? Now that I can understand. Having just the normal amount of debt, I don’t feel like that really resonated with me.

Figuring out which is my style:

So, I move on and continue to research, and figure out my home style. I have gone from a contemporary look, to a bohemian look Our Boho Home Decor Tour ,to a mid-century modern, to everything in between. I love that I am finally figuring out what styles I like best, and incorporating them into my home. With that said, is a girl who loves antiques, and gold mirrors, and coffee table trays, and picture frames, art, curtains, pillows, a minimalist?

My sister, helping me along in my research, read an article that true minimalism is bare to the point of not even having art on the walls. That, my friends, just isn’t me.

With all of that said, my point is that I feel like I fall somewhere in between. I have de-cluttered all of my old decor, and sold or donated it. Besides that, there is a need within me for my antique vases, my Swarovski collection. Give me color! All of the texture! I want sparkle! But, I want it all in a clean, uncluttered way.

I could never get rid of my books, so in that regard, minimalism would not be key for me. I guess everyone just works with what they like, and doesn’t need to worry too much about labels.

How do you label yourself:

If you are feeling overwhelmed with labeling your home style,  Forget about it!! I go back to that first quote that I read, and quoted in an earlier post,  Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home.

Now, I live by a rule of minimalism, that requires you to ask certain questions before purchasing, instead of making rash decisions, or buying anything that is remotely cute, just because it’s on sale.

Do I love it?
Do I need it?
Does it define me?
Do I have a use for it?
If the answers to those questions are YES, then by all means- proceed!

I hope that this article helps those that are in the same dilemma of labeling their home decor style. Make it eclectic, make it unique, and most of all MAKE IT YOU!



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