Cable Railing: DIY Modern Deck railing tutorial

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Today we have a DIY for those of you that may want to modernize your deck. Cable railing for a modern look! This works out perfect for when you are having a new deck built.

When we purchased our home, the deck was not up to standard code, besides that, it was also a bit shaky. We had painted it, and worked with what we had, but we very quickly hired someone to build new decks.

It was a hard thing to decide on, because of all of the renovations that we had going on at the same time. We had the brick exterior painted, a new metal roof, new gutters etc. I never knew it was so hard to pick out roof and gutter colors haha!

We decided to have a basic deck built, because we would like to close off one portion of that space, and build a sunroom. Therefore, there really was no point in having a fancy deck. We wanted something modern, which is really hard to do in terms of basic decks. After searching high and low, we finally found something that we liked! I saw it a lot on some of the newer modern homes and office buildings- cable railing, and decided to do it ourselves!

diy cable railing how to
What You Will Need: all of these items can be found at your local hardware store
  1. A Crimper
  2. Tin Snips
  3. Eye Hooks
  4. Compression Ferrules
  5. Wire Cable
  6. Turnbuckles
DIY modern cable railing and lights for a complete look
How to do It:
  1. The first step is to measure twice and drill once!
  2. Be sure to measure each hole to be drilled, evenly according to the size and space  of your deck railing
  3. mark each measured space (hole), typically 4 inches apart with a permanent marker
  4. pre-drill all pre-marked holes, starting with one end and moving down each rail consecutively left to right
  5. begin with screwing in the eye hooks at the starting point of your railing, by hand (farthest left holes)
  6. using a ferrule and crimper, attach the cable to one end of the eye hook by stringing one end of the cable into the ferrule, then loop through the eye hook and once again go into the ferrule, crimping it in place,
    a cable railing loop through the ferrule

    crimping the ferrule once you have looped the cable through both sides
  7. next step is to run the cable the length of the railing through each pre-drilled hole, left to right
  8. now attach the cable to the turnbuckle, using the ferrule and crimper method again
  9. be sure to leave enough slack in the cable to attach it to the adjoining eye hook at the other end of the railing
  10.  once completed, connect the eye hook and the turnbuckle together and tighten

    connecting the attached cable railing to the end hook
  11. using your tin snips, cut off the excess cable, but not too close to the ferrule, leave a little bit sticking out.


All that is left now, is for us to pick out a stain color. That is sure to be an entire Saturday project! Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments! Let me know what you think of the end result, and if you try this project tag me on Instagram @adornbypriscilla

Happy Wednesday!

Cable railing on the front porch

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