Costco Couch Set Mini Review

Costco couch review

Our Costco couch review…

In January I made one of my 2018 house decor goals to buy a new couch, do you remember that post? New Year, New Plans, New Decor I have some sad news to report on our Costco couch and armchair set. We are not in love with it six months into the owning process. I know this is a bummer to read, as we were so excited to have found a new couch so quickly, but I owe you the truth. So, here goes my mini Costco couch review…

Costco Couch Review part 1:

First of all, the couch and armchair are really too big for the room. Now this is not the manufacturer’s fault, we have a large room, and can make most furniture fit in the open space. However, this really is too bulky, and takes up a lot of the space, closing off the room. Secondly, the dark grey is not cohesive with my style. I love the color in theory, it’s great in so many ways, but I know that I love a light-colored sofa. That is something that I know about myself, so why did I allow a price tag (and my husband) to sway me? Not to mention the fact that I love instant gratification when it comes to shopping. I thought that I had learned my lesson.

The final decision maker:

All of these things I could live with. The one thing that I could not live with is the tailbone pain. Am I being too honest here :/ I don’t know what is going on, but any night that we’ve sat down to watch tv or a movie before bed, I end up with intense tailbone pain.

It’s the weirdest thing, and I can only attest it to the way that the couch is built. It’s a bit bouncy and doesn’t give when you sit down. The pillows are sewn in place, so if you are uncomfortable, there isn’t much that you can really do. Lastly, the fabric has started pilling, like an old sweater. After only a few months that’s really not a good sign.

The new plan:

I think we are going to go with our original plan to buy a couch in a light beige. It will still match the rug and couch pillows, and I really love that color sofa.

We are at the beach for the week, but hopefully next week, you will be able to see me on a new sofa, with no tailbone pain. hahahaha! In the meantime, does anyone know if margaritas and a trip to the beach will cure that? Asking for a friend.

So, I took a look back to that earlier post to see if I have checked any marks off of the goal list. The rug and sofa were the only ones checked off of the list. I have added a lot more, and taken off a few, but that’s just part of the fun!

The creativity of making a living space with style and comfort to last a lifetime, is such a fun part of the challenge!



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  1. So sorry to hear that the new couch isn’t all you dreamt of…. I’ve been looking on wayfair lately for a new couch. I love their selection and shipping is free. So, that might be an option for you too. At least worth checking it out if you haven’t. Any way you decide to go, I wish you luck finding the perfect one! No more tailbone pain! P.s. I’m sure that a trip to the beach and margaritas can cure most ailments. Lol. In fact, I’m overdue for that treatment.

    1. Thanks girl!! I found a great couch at Royal Furniture that is super comfy! Good luck on wayfair. We just purchased a blue chair from there and we love it 🙂

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