DIY Oriental Rug Clean

I’m here to tell you a little story about an Oriental rug. One that I will not soon forget, and I will also tell you how to do a DIY oriental rug clean.

The first thing that you should know about me is this, once I get my mind on something, it’s really hard to turn it away. I will fixate on the particular idea until I can figure it out. I should be saying “we” as it usually goes with these stories that the hubby is right along side me, trying to figure out a solution. This story is about a diy oriental rug clean project.

The Search for an oriental rug…

I have always wanted a real oriental rug. It often shocks me to see how many people have these babies when every time that I price one that I like, it costs thousands! I don’t know if they are all the real deal, or what, but it’s just not in my budget at this time. Of course, I can afford a knock-off, and there is nothing wrong with that, but that’s not what I want. I want an original, handmade rug from Persia.

The Story…

As I lay on my couch one night, sipping wine and surfing the web, while my husbands flips from one show to the next, I came across a shaded and not very good picture of an oriental rug for a fair price. My eyes did a double take!! I thought, surely not… there’s absolutely no way. I showed the picture to the hubs, and he said “Oh that’s pretty”. So, I messaged the seller to tell them that I’d be on my way in the morning.

I had been nursing a pain in my arm, and the following morning the pain was so intense that I could hardly get out of bed. My sweet daughter drove me to the doctor. A couple of hours later, I was in a sling and had taken my first dose of steroids. The only problem was that I had made an appointment to meet for this rug, and as much as I needed to go home and lay down, I HAD TO GET IT!

An hour later, I had driven to a small town, a little under an hour from my house. By the time that I had arrived I was so confused by the pain, the long drive, the need to go home, and the steroids, that I just gave the man the money and went home. They shoved it into my trunk, and it stunk of dog.

I drove straight home, and got into bed thinking that it just smelled a little like wet dog, and we would clean it and that would be it. Never had I been so wrong about something. This turned into a full-on industrial DIY oriental rug clean! We had no idea what we were doing. All that I know is that when the hubby opened my trunk, the stench almost knocked us over. I immediately thought to myself, what have I done??

The DIY Oriental rug cleaning plan:

We rented a pet vacuum, purchased the bottle of magic (get rid of pet smell) whatever, and got to work. I sat in the chair, and watched as Adam worked the pet vacuum. After a couple of hours of working with the cleaner, we decided this just wasn’t  cutting it. A long time ago, I worked across the street from an oriental rug shop. I remember seeing men in their garage with large buckets of water and brush mop. We decided to soak the rug. Did I mention that the rug is so thick, the back side was still dry after hours of cleaning with the wet vacuum?…Yeah.

We pulled out a bucket of hot water and poured some laundry detergent and mixed. At this point we just thought, the rug is so dirty that we really can’t ruin it. I’m fighting back tears because I was so close to having the rug of my dreams, but it would have to be trashed. Adam mopped and scrubbed, and vacuumed black, dirty, water for six hours!!! Finally, we said, let’s hang it up to dry and check it in a few days.

Frist step- soak with the detergent and hot water solution
Second step- brush and scrub your heart out
 Third step- rinse, flip and repeat
Tips and Tricks:
  • Make sure that you are cleaning your rug at a time when you are not expecting rain for a few days.
  • pet vacs are great for lightly soiled items, but if it’s really dirty, you will also need a shop mop and a bucket of water and detergent.
  • When you hang your rug to dry you want to make sure that it is as flat as possible and that air can circulate all the way around to avoid mildew
The Check-up:

A few days later we decided to test it, and much to our surprise, the smell was almost gone! We could still smell a little wet dog, but there was hope that I would indeed have the oriental rug of my dreams! We had two options at this point. Do the above mentioned process again, or take it to a professional. You do not need a professional unless your rug is heavily soiled like this one was.

For us it just made more sense to get a professional to complete the job. I don’t want to put my face or body on this rug unless I know that it is absolutely clean. Plus it’s an 8×10 and it’s just too heavy when soaking wet. My husband’s back needed rest. I was so happy when I found Sanitary Rug. They assured me that their process would eliminate the remaining pet odor. They were also able to confirm the rug’s true Oriental background and authenticity!! YAYYY!!!

They were so impressed with Adam’s cleaning job, that they offered him a job on the spot. HA! I think he may have a love/hate relationship with this rug for the near future.

The End Result!!!

I just love how this rug turned out. I wish that I had taken a before picture, but I couldn’t stand the smell long enough. It is an 8×10 and the colors are so rich and vibrant. The tassels are now completely white, and I think it looks fantastic in our living room! This rug will be here for the long haul. I am forever grateful to my husband for helping me with the diy oriental rug clean, and for rolling with my crazy ideas.

ps: he loves it!!

So go ahead, and give that oriental rug a good scrub! This method is super easy and all you need are the items in your home. Oh, and some good luck!



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