Easy Fall Porch Decor

Living in the south means that we don’t exactly get that wonderful autumn crisp air for a long time, but the few days that we do, its glorious to behold. There’s just not much that I love more than pumpkins, spooky haunts, scary movies, dressing up, apple cider and all things Fall! Am I the only one? Let’s talk about easy fall porch decor.

Decorating my porch with Halloween and fall items is one of the easiest ways to get festive for the season. Being from the south, it’s almost a rite of passage into womanhood. The first time that you move out of your parent’s house, the thrill of decorating can be a blast!

Today, I have two porch ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration! I will be decorating my sister’s porch and my porch. I’ll give you a little bit of an idea for a minimalist look, and for a kid friendly look! Both of these are easy fall porch decor ideas.

Minimalist Fall/Halloween Porch:

I have decided to go with a minimalist decor theme this year. This should make styling my porch throughout the next few seasons and holidays a  little bit easier. Decorating is my favorite thing to do, but there is something to be said about simplicity. Let’s have a look!

I started by planting these evergreen shrubs into these large planters that I purchased at Home Depot. The idea of the evergreen is that I will be able to transition from Fall to Christmas to Winter easily, and with a pop of color that will continue straight through until next year. Now, that’s what I call easy fall porch decor.

We have a local shop here in Bluff Park called Sweetspire , and the owner is very nice, they can help you decide what to put in your planters. I purchased an apple tree from them, and I can’t wait to pick the apples! Does it get anymore Fall than that??

Remember, I have challenged myself to keep it simple, so here goes.

Mums and Pumpkins:

I have never met a pumpkin that I didn’t like, or a mum that I didn’t swoon over. The hard part is selecting just a couple, but no need to stress, the Piggly Wiggly in Bluff Park always has a great selection of mums. As far as pumpkins go, I like to visit local farms or farmer’s markets.

The wreath is a DIY version made by yours truly. I bought the grapevine wreath, the wheat stalks and broke out the hot glue gun!

Now that October is upon us, I have added just a touch of spookiness to the ensemble to really make it pop! A skeleton to greet guests, a bloody arm to graze the mums, and of course some bats. I love Halloween! It’s so exciting that Bluff Park has started the trick or treat trail. I enjoy making goody bags for all of the kids, if only my house was part of the fun.




Kid Friendly Halloween Porch:

Next up is a kid friendly, easy fall porch idea. When I think of kids and Halloween,  I think of magic! Growing up I remember picking out a costume, and watching as my mom sewed for days until she completed not one, but four, Halloween costumes!!! She was amazing. Another vivid memory that I have is one of getting  a pumpkin, my dad would cut the lid open and we would scrape the guts…eeeew…and carve the faces. My last, and probably favorite memory was making ghosts to hang on our tree. I carried on this tradition with my daughter, when she was young. We even made some fun tombstones one year.

My sister, joining in on the fun once the kids tired out

So that’s what I think a kid friendly porch for the season should be. It should be filled with spookiness, silliness, magic, and of course, lights! I also enjoy seeing something that is just the slightest bit crooked, or spelled wrong, it adds so much character.

For this porch option I asked my niece and nephew to help with the plans. The theme that we decided on was Pumpkins and ghosts, you know, classic. We started with a fabulous vintage blow mold. If you live in the area, On A Shoestring is a great place to find vintage seasonal decor. We chose two pumpkins, that will be the main event on carving night, and mums. Then we hung plastic pumpkins from the tree.

Some candles will make the finishing  touch to these hanging lanterns on Halloween night! Both porches are simple, with a little spookiness, and a touch of whimsy. Being a mom, I think the best thing to do during the holidays is to enjoy the time with your kids, and not stress about buying and setting up a lot of decorations. I am definitely looking forward to easy fall porch decor, and easy clean up.





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