Fancy Art For a Fancy Home

Fancy whimsy painting

Fancy some Art for your home? We found some last week, here is our story… Last week, the hubby and I took a day off of work to have our yearly check-ups. It was bitterly cold, but still a beautiful day outside. We headed to the doctor in the morning, and then decided to go to a local coffee shop for my favorite, sweet iced coffee. Since we were by the mall, we decided to go in for a stroll as we drank our coffee.

Me, as I paint the accent wall, and get it ready for the fancy art

As you may know, we are in the process of making over our bedroom. Last weekend I painted the wall a beautiful navy called Mysterious, by Benjamin Moore.
Now all we needed was something new for over the bed, and we both agreed that we wanted that “something” to POP! Oh, and we need a new bed spread, but that post will come later.

The hubby viewing the art as we made our decisions

As we were walking we noticed a pop-up sort of place called The Art Exchange. We decided to head inside. The place was awesome, covered in antique furniture, and had lots and lots of framed and colorful artwork. I figure, I’m 36, it’s about time that I own some fancy art, and maybe even in a nice frame…let’s class the place up a bit. LOL! Here is my adorable husband, as we mixed and matched and looked at different paintings.

I’m so happy that my husband loves art and color as much as I do. We both have creative differences, but can always meet a beautiful end result that we both love. We mostly like the same sort of things. The navy in the bedroom, along with his antique dark wooden furniture, really gave our room a masculine feel, so we both agreed to add some feminine soft touches.

PS: pics of the room won’t be up until the whole thing is complete…so stay tuned!

Below are the final choices!

Our final decisions on the framed wall art

We love how the colors pop off of the canvas, and the bold, gold frames give the pieces an antique and fancy look. I feel so grown up, and I love the touch of whimsy that it gives to the space. We came up with a story where the girl is alone looking out the veranda, wishing for love, then she marries the violin player, and finally they are out on their honeymoon, in some tropical place, by water. HAHA! The shop lady mentioned it while we were there, and we thought it was too cute not to share.

I can’t wait until the whole bedroom is finished so that I can show you guys how different it looks. The dark wall really gives it a wonderful contrast, and makes it feel so different. I did purchase a white, artisan made,  in Portugal, quilt that I’m hoping to get set up with some brightly colored pillows.

How are you updating a room in your home? I’d love to know.

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