How To Pick Art for Your Home

Does anyone else ever wonder, how do I pick art for my home? It’s one of those things that is so hard for me to do. Although, I think it should be one of the easiest. I guess if I had endless amounts of money, then I could walk around and just let the art speak to me. Then I could have walls covered in gorgeous art!

Another tricky thing about how to pick art for your home, is when you live with someone else, and you have to incorporate two separate styles. I feel that I have learned the best way to pick art for your home, and ensure that both parties will be happy.

So, I wrote a quick list on how to find cool art, and how to incorporate different styles. A quick guide on how to pick art for your home.

Family Heirlooms

This first and obvious choice, is the easiest way to incorporate art into your home decor without spending a single penny. A plus to this is that it is sentimental. Art should have a meaning, if not, then you will just end up getting tired of looking at it and will end up spending extra money.

These abstract paintings were created by Adam’s late uncle. I was never a huge fan of abstract art, but I love the colors! The fact that this art means something to him causes my love for them to grow. They have been displayed in both of our homes for the past ten years, and we are still not tired of them, and never will be.

Festival Folkart

Folk art found at a festival can be so unique

Festivals are also a good place to find inexpensive art that is also really unique and can be fun to pick out together. My husband and I may differ a little bit in taste, but we usually can come together on something that we both like. Usually we just end up walking around and looking, but on our honeymoon we went to an outdoor market and picked up a painting!

This particular painting is really special because we were on our honeymoon and it has a married theme. The second way that its special is that it is a nod to my Mexican Heritage. Although I have never lived in Mexico, I was raised to love the culture and have a connection. This piece was done in the style of Day of the Dead, another thing that holds special meaning for us, and another reason that we haven’t tired of it hanging in our kitchen.

At a Special Destination

Another trick that we have for how to pick art for your home is to find something at a favorite destination. We absolutely LOVE going to New Orleans. We honeymooned there, and have been back several times as a family and with friends. When we saw this artist selling his matted photographs, we fell in love instantly!

It was so hard to choose between all of his prints! We finally decided and purchased frames. They have been in our home for about three years now. Every time that I see them, I long to visit that charming and fun city.

Impromptu Shopping

This last tip is kind of obvious, but I had never tried it. If you read my post Fancy Art For a Fancy Home , then you know the story of how these came about. To paraphrase, I will say that you should never skip out on a closing sale at an art store.

We were off from work, and just enjoying a walk on a cold day through a mall. We stumbled upon this store, and decided to take a look. I had wanted to incorporate some more traditional type art in our master bedroom. I love the gold frames, and the story that we made up to go along with them.

They are whimsical, and add the perfect pop of color on our navy wall. We both loved the frames, and didn’t even mind that the frames were slightly different sizes.

There are no rules in art!

Remember when you are picking art for your home, there are no rules. If you love it, then it’s right! You are in charge of the colors, and the theme, and the sizes of the frames. Do the shopping together! It will be so much fun! Check your family heirlooms for art in need of a good home, try different styles, and shop at markets. I promise that picking art for your home is not as daunting as it seems. Just follow these steps.

Last but not least, you could always make your own art! I may try that next.

Have a great week!



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