Living Room Decor- New Furniture Round Up

When I set out to buy a new couch, I had no idea that I would end up completely redecorating my entire living room…

If you read my post The Costco Couch Conundrum  then you know that I HAD to buy a new couch STAT! The hunt was on for something that didn’t cause tailbone pain, and that looked luxurious, fit into the budget, and of course was white. It seems as though I just can’t get enough of white couches in my life.

New Couch!!

So, we ended up purchasing this beauty on a Fourth of July sale! You know I love a good sale! It came with accent pillows, but I already owned some Ralph Lauren floral pillows that were fairly new, so I stored the other ones, and added my own accent pillows. It really brightens up the living room!

All of the living room furniture put together

Then one night, as we were awaiting our new sofa to arrive (as we sat in beach chairs on the floor) LOL… the hubs turns to me and says “check out this recliner on Wayfair!”,  I’m looking at him like, I don’t want to have to say no to that face, but if it’s a recliner like the one that my dad used to own, there would be no way out.

New Chair!!

I have to say that I was SHOCKED at the look of this chair! And, at a really great price. Have you guys shopped on Wayfair before? Apparently, they make nice recliners for your living room. (this is not a sponsored post, but maybe it should be…hahaha) I had never scoured their online pages, but I have to say that it has been easy on the eyes, and super comfortable. Plus, he gets a recliner, so we all win!

New blue recliner for the living room and side table!

I like how this sofa brightened up our space. We don’t get a lot of overhead light because of the cedar ceiling, which is beautiful, but we have to open all of our windows in order to see. I love how the blue chair blends with the rug that I found at Home Goods a few months ago. Everything is really starting to come together. It even makes this Ikea coffee table look a bit more glamorous, at least I  think so.

A picture of our cedar beam ceilings in our living room

Now I just need to find two more accent chairs since we sold our light grey mid-century modern style chairs.

New Side Table!!

Oh, and last, but certainly not least, our new side table! Gone is the black glass table. The one that I dubbed “The Miami Vice” table, and here to stay is this cool, geometric table. I stumbled across a HUGE yard sale one Friday on my way to Target, and just had to stop. It wasn’t your typical yard sale. I wondered how this person was selling so much furniture, and discovered that it was because she used to do home staging. That would make sense why they weren’t exactly “yard sale” prices, but I liked it, took comfort in knowing that it was never used (for the price), and bought it!

new side table for the living room


All in all, I have to say that this surprise make over took about a month. Finding new items was pretty fast and easy. It all came together beautifully! You know that I love a good find (like a side table at a sale on the side of the road).


What are some good finds that you have found lately? Any rooms that you are redecorating?

Let me know in the comments!


I hope that the rest of your weekend goes by swimmingly !!

Just swimming with my niece, all content because the living room is finally finished





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