Our Christmas Abode

I cannot believe that we are almost halfway through December, and our Christmas abode has just started to fall into place. Have you started your holiday decorating in your home? I’m glad that I took my time. It has made me step back, make a plan, and as a result, kept me from buying anything that I will get tired of next year. My intention this year was to start creating our Christmas abode. In other words, one that we will love and cherish and use for years to come. Let’s have a look!

If you read my last post https://adornbypriscilla.com/tips-for-a-stress-free-holiday then you know that my goal is to keep things simple this holiday. However, I am not a minimalist, and although minimalist decor looks clean in pictures, I just love traditional, festive, decor. 

If you are here in Bluff Park, then you have one of the best and easiest holiday decorations in your yard…Greenery!! 

Decorating with Greenery

I decided to use fresh garland for our front patio, and some decorative ribbon to make bows. This was my first time making my own bows, usually my mom does it, but I wanted to give it a try. Nothing like a diy! Especially, something easy like this. After tying the garland with yarn onto the porch, I made the bows and attached them to the front. The front door decor is tree branches that were foraged and tied together with a mini version of the same ribbon. All you need is ribbon, pipe cleaners, and an online tutorial. 

The finished result of our candy cane bows
greenery for the front door Christmas swag

I chose the candy cane ribbon because it matches the toy soldier blow molds, and the plastic candy canes that line our walkway. This is nostalgic for me, my grandpa always lined his walkway with candy canes, and I was so excited when I found them last year! I bought all that they had. You could add any color ribbon that suits your taste and style. I could imagine this with gorgeous velvet green bows, or gold or blue, anything goes!

Next, I added some red poinsettias to adorn the evergreen shrubs that I planted this Fall. This keeps with the red and green, natural, theme that I started. 

Poinsettias make our evergreens look like mini Christmas trees

The end result makes me very happy! Lots of red and green, and natural elements, along with just a little childhood fun and nostalgia. Being that I am always drawn to childlike Christmas themes, this is perfect for me. This feels like a modern take on that childlike feeling. Lights would add the perfect twinkle magic at night too. 

Fresh garland for our Christmas abode

Decorating the Inside of your Christmas Abode

Keeping with the fresh greenery theme, we decorated the inside with a real tree, and poinsettias. Bringing nature inside is always a big thing in my decor, so the holidays would be no different. I love the smell of fresh trees. You can usually find a scouts troop that sells them, or a local farm. Helping the community is always a good thing to do around the holiday or whenever you can. 

Our stockings were a handmade wedding gift, and they are the most marvelous stockings that I’ve ever seen. I love the detail that the creator put into them, like the dazzling stars and snowballs. They are very special, to us, indeed. Finding the right tree skirt has been a challenge, but when we saw this one, we knew that it would match perfectly. We are finally putting together a traditional theme that we could use for years to come, in our Christmas abode. 

Handmade ornaments, and a few childhood ones, made an appearance on our tree, mixed in with our shiny glass ornaments. The jewel toned ornaments play off the colors in our rug, and tie everything together. 

a classic christmas theme for our living room

Once the main event was up, it was time to sprinkle a few decorations around, and some greenery and poinsettias to complete the space. Our entryway followed suit, with greenery clippings, some playful nutcrackers and a sweet treat dish to fill up for guests.  Consequently, the greenery makes the entryway smell like Christmas heaven!!

a nutcracker christmas entryway
Our Christmas abode decor

The living room has some candle holders, an old snowman figurine, and a poinsettia. I love to pull out our red, throw blanket this time of year for added warmth and texture. Everything seemed to blend well with our new rug and jewel toned couch pillows this year, as a result, I’m in love! One of my favorite decorations is an old holiday picture of my daughter, that you can see on the back table. She is in her festive dress and a top hat! I think that keeping decor simple and cohesive with a lot of natural elements and nostalgic memories has made our home feel like the Christmas abode that we’ve been wanting.

Everything smells delicious, looks festive and feels natural. Nothing was too fussy or busy, and above all, I enjoy the look more than in past years when I would try too hard to get everything just right or pick out the perfect color scheme. I used to spend too much money on new decorations each year. Certainly, I know that everyone has their own beautiful style. This is just mine, timeless and classic. I hope that you enjoyed our Christmas abode.

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May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white



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