Silver Home Accessories Are Making a Comeback

Silver home accessories in my home
Are Silver and Pewter home accents making a comeback, or is it just me???

Silver home accessories are making a comeback! I know that this question probably makes me seem like a crazy person, after all, gold is better in all ways…right???  I have always had a little soft spot for silver (maybe it’s the nineties child inside of me). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good brass fixture just as much as the next girl. For years I’ve spray painted everything in my path some sort of gold. lol!

I have to say though, that I feel myself moving a bit in the direction of silver home accessories. I don’t know if it’s the need for change, wanting a cooler color palette after the hot summer, all of my brass drawer knobs, or if I’m sensing some sort of changing trend; but it has definitely been going down at our house!

I always thought that I’d be the girl with a heart for gold forever, but I have to say that I have been changing my mind a bit here and there.

I will show you a few things that I have acquired in silver home accessories, and let you see what I mean.

My Silver Home Accessories:

First of all, these cage light fixtures…. I absolutely love them! Everyone is buying brass and gold, and maybe it was out of necessity, or just what was available when we were shopping, but I love the look of these! They sort of remind me of an upside down diamond ring setting. I think that they really go well with our grey kitchen cabinets and black countertops.

This painting was purchased in New Orleans on our honeymoon.

P.S. I am hoping to find some more modern drawer pulls pretty soon and do a few updates in the kitchen. Sneak peeks coming later!

Second, our new fireplace cover. Well, I say ‘new’ loosely. This used to be brass, but was so faded and discolored that we had opted to take it off completely.

We enjoyed that look for a while as we were into having a more bohemian theme in our home (take a look here: Our Boho Home Decor Tour But now we are polishing things up a bit, getting a little more modern classic, and a little more glam. This pewter spray paint does the trick by tying in the dark wood shelves and mantel and bringing it all together with the light blue rug.

Something that I could never, EVER, spray paint silver… you guessed it… my gold, antique,  mirrors!!! As I’m sure you’ve learned through my blog- those are my heart and soul. My love for them will never fade. That’s what I love about the current home decor themes.  It’s all about mixed metals in home fixtures and accents. Although I don’t find myself as a huge follower of trends, I do like to keep up to date, and see where I fall in that pattern from time to time. Who would have thought, that I’d be right on trend?

I really love how silver, pewter, and even black faucets and accents are becoming center stage right now. I really enjoy seeing them mixed in with brass and copper and seeing how they stand out, and add depth.

What do you guys think of this new mixed metal trend? And how do you feel about silver versus brass, or just plain mixing them however your heart desires? I’d love to know!


Happy mid-week! Now go spray paint something silver, and tag me on Instagram so that I can see 🙂



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