Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Waiting until after Halloween to put up a Fall centerpiece can make you feel a little rushed. With the upcoming holiday spending, I like to keep November as easy and stress free as possible, making it more about spending time with family and friends. This is why this simple thanksgiving centerpiece was born. If you have about 10 minutes and a few bucks, you are ready to go.

Last weekend the hubby and I went on a backpacking trip a few hours away for the weekend to enjoy some beautiful landscape and good, uninterrupted, conversation (and wine by a campfire of course). On our way home we spotted a little antique store on the side of the road with a yard full of pumpkins. Naturally, we had to stop.


camping at Sypsey Wilderness
assorted wonderful pumpkins

For halloween we just buy the carving pumpkins, but I wanted some extra festive ones to leave on the porch, and also to add on our table top. I’m all about easy decorating this year. I love the tables with the placemats, settings, linen napkins and all of that stuff, but realistically, I am not going to set all of that up, nor will it get used. I opted instead for something festive, easy and really cute.

simple thanksgiving centerpiece

Pick up a variety of mini pumpkins and gourds. I found a few small ones at the pumpkin patch (aka antique shop yard) and also a couple of tiny pumpkins and gourds at publix. With an armload of pumpkins and gourds, I moved on to the next obvious choice- candles! I like to have these in varying heights so I used some antique brass holders, and also some glass ones that I purchased years ago from Ikea.

Finally, the easiest part, the greenery! I love the greenery from Trader Joe’s, but unfortunately it was about to storm, and TJ is too far from my house, so I went to the backyard. If you don’t have a bountiful, wooded backyard then go to TJ. I even thought about bundling sticks and tying them with pretty ribbon, or you could buy wheat stalks in bundles at Publix. I’ve done that before and I wanted to change it up.

pumpkins and gourds for a simple thanksgiving centerpiece
I love the natural shades of the leaves from this plant

The middle pumpkin I raised up with a candle holder. I added the greenery that I clipped from my nandina bushes, put the candles in the crevices, then filled in with gourds and pumpkins. That is what I call a simple thanksgiving centerpiece. Again, I shopped for a runner in about two places, didn’t see anything that I liked and kept moving.

If I were to host Thanksgiving at my house, then the day of, I would put out some fall colored place mats and use my white everyday bone china. I feel like that would be all that would be needed to complete this simple thanksgiving centerpiece, and it would still seem as though you were the most creative person on the block! haha, at least I think so.

pumpkins on a porch equal happiness

How do you celebrate for Thanksgiving? Do you host family or friends for a big dinner, or do you keep it light with snacks and drinks. I think the best part of the holiday is just to spend time together, and to reflect on the things in your life that you are thankful for…I know that I have a lot to be happy about, and I hope that you do too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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