Styling Your Coffee Table

A few tips on coffee table styling…
I’m finally starting to add the finishing touches to my living room! YAY!!

Something that has been really daunting, for me, is decorating my coffee table.

I want to live clutter free. And although a lot of the glamorous coffee tables on Pinterest are beautiful, I think the clutter would make my every day life a stress mess.

A few things that I have been doing, since buying a dark grey couch, is trying to lighten up the space. I purchased the light blue, silver and grey rug and that has helped a great deal. The couch pillows also help to give a pop of color.

What I did with the coffee table decor, in order to make it glamorous, but still functional…

Found the perfect tray. I treated myself to this lucite tray from West Elm, as a Mother’s Day gift. The clean and glamorous look that it gives to our dark coffee table is to die for, and keeps with a modern/traditional theme. I like that you can still see through it!

Things that I used in styling the tray:

A VASE with fresh flowers. I don’t know about you, but I love to keep fresh flowers, in my home,  as often as possible. It gives a warm feeling, and the vase adds the height to the space. You definitely want a jar, vase, or statue that has some height.

BOOKS- This is a no-brainer for me. I LOVE BOOKS! I think I will rotate my display as I begin to collect more coffee table books. It’s also nice to have around as conversation starters, and for guests to thumb through.

CANDLES- I think I’m going to look for a large candle to add here, but for now, this orange one adds some color, and makes the house smell wonderful. Candles also add warm, ambient, lighting. You could also use some antique candle sticks to give you that height that we mentioned earlier.

PERSONAL ITEMS- This can be anything, that you like,  that represents your personality. For example, my in-laws started gifting Swarovski statues to me seven years ago, and this heart-shaped one is great to add to the book stack,  to add a little personality. Anything that you collect, a small bowl, or trinket of any kind will do! This cute little bird is also from West Elm. I just fell in love with it, and I like using it in the springtime.

It’s good that you can change out items on the tray according to the season, or evolving style. I just used some things around the house, in order to show you how easy it is to put together. The coffee table doesn’t feel cluttered, and if we need a place to play a board game or lay out chips and salsa, it all can easily be moved at once, because it’s on a tray!

Let me know what you think! Do you decorate your coffee table? If so, what items do you use.

Happy Saturday!

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